This blog will be moving

May 27, 2013 § 2 Comments

I know it’s not updating anymore, and I said I wouldn’t be back. But this old place still gets a bit of traffic, and I refuse to let my words provide WordPress with anything.

WordPress has always been very bad about taking things down that plainly violate its own TOS. The blog Gender Trender, which out trans women — complete with pictures and any data they can publish on them — and advocates violence against them, was finally taken down some months ago.

Gender Trender’s transmisogynist fan base started a letter writing campaign aimed at people high up at WordPress. I have just learned that they caved and reinstated Gender Trender, a violent and dangerous blog.

I can in conscience no longer bring traffic to this site, so this and any other blog I have on WP will be moving, just as soon as I can find someplace to move them to. Get ready to update your bookmarks.

§ 2 Responses to This blog will be moving

  • Bethan Rees says:

    I’m writing a feature about the division between male and female chefs in the professional kitchen, and whether this divide still exists- and why. I’m pitching this to the Observer Food Monthly magazine, failing that it will be in one of the Runwild Media titles such as The City magazine.

    I was wondering if I could talk with you.

    Looking forward to hearing back.

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